A four-piece band out of Cleveland, Ohio, The Analogia is a re-imagining of hard rock. Driving riffs, changing time signatures, technical skill and a charged narrative are the hallmarks of their performance, delivering a sound that is at once relatable and challenging. The songs carry the message of life, politic, emotion, and change. They are the means of communication; they are The Analogia.
Anthony Lombardo (Guitar) - A Cleveland native and veteran guitarist, Anthony is a driving force in the writing as well as the formation of the band itself. His pedigree includes a range of Cleveland bands and styles, having participated years prior to The Analogia in several projects with Jeff Dubois and Brian Rosander.
Jeff Dubois (Bass Guitar) - From rock operas to hard rock and metal, Dubois bass talents demonstrate his passion for both harmony and rhythm. An experienced musician, Jeff's writing and creativity with his bass lines provides The Analogia with a backbone of charged and haunting notes. His stylized approach can be heard in the evocative opening of a number of songs, including Holy Water and Primal.
John Walsh (Drums/percussion) - Walsh was instrumental in the birth of The Analogia. In its prior iteration, as Genocide of Culture, the band had struggled with creative development and focus, and sought a replacement for percussion. After some difficulty in locating a new drummer, John agreed to test the waters, and almost instantly, the band found cohesion and began evolving, writing with fluidity and purpose. The Analogia had found its final component.
Brian Rosander (Vocals) - A California transplant in his youth and long-time friend of Anthony's, Brian is seasoned as a vocalist. Serving as a voice for the project, Brian focuses heavily on turn- of-phrase and charged lyrics, balancing his own musical influences and those of his band-mates to produce original, inspired pieces.
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